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Konstantinos Roditis is about

Serving You - Not Special Interest Groups

Why Vote Roditis for Controller

I believe the Controller, who is the protector of taxpayer money and has independent audit authority is there to protect us from corrupt politicians, big business, corporations, unions, and special interests and must be free of any possible corrupting influence.

Therefore, I, Konstantinos Roditis have not and will not take lobbyist, PAC, union, big business, corporate, or special interest money.

I will be the independent-minded Controller California desperately needs. A Chief Taxpayer Watchdog for the People.

As a hardworking principled businessman, I have experienced government corruption from politicians that do the bidding of special interest. I have refused to play their games, and even though it has cost me financially, I have never wavered from my principles of doing what is right.

Our politicians should be looking out for us and seeking to make life better for us not finding new ways to tax us and give our hard earned tax dollars to special interest groups, unions, and big business.

Our Controller needs to be rooting out waste, fraud, and abuse and seeking to make California more affordable not turning a blind eye to the reckless waste in Sacramento.

And that is why I want to serve as your next State Controller. To bring my years of private-sector and governmental experience to expertly manage the Controller’s office to serve you and together with your vote and support, we can turn California around and make it the Golden State once again. Join me in my fight to root out corruption, waste, fraud, and abuse and bring sound fiscal policies that benefit taxpayers, not special interest groups.

No new taxes – just new solutions. Vote Konstantinos Roditis for California State Controller.


Stop the current Controller’s desire to put a sales taxes on services and labor like healthcare, childcare, etc.

Why the High-Speed Rail is unlawful and how Konstantinos Roditis will defund it. 

Politicians have been stealing your money and not fixing our roads. Why we need to vote Yes on Prop 6.


Learn more about businessman and former Anaheim City Commissioner Konstantinos Roditis

Vote to make California affordable. Vote for solutions, not tax increases. Vote Konstantinos Roditis for Controller.



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