Konstantinos Roditis is about

Solutions - Not New Taxes

Why Vote Roditis for Controller

Since the Controller is the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of California, doesn’t it makes sense to have a CFO and visionary businessman that understands economics, fiscal responsibility, and balancing a budget as your next Controller, instead of a lifelong bureaucrat?

The lifelong bureaucrat and incumbent Controller believes we are made out of money. She doesn’t care how much Sacramento taxes us and how much money they recklessly waste.

She has failed to execute the duties of the Controller’s office faithfully, and it is time for a change. It’s time for Konstantinos Roditis as your next State Controller.

Stop the Service and Labor Tax!

The current Controller doesn’t think you pay enough taxes and wants a new Service Tax on Labor. She wants to tax your doctor’s visit, childcare, home and vehicle repairs, haircut; you name it she wants to tax it.

The result, at least $120 billion in new taxes per year, costing you thousands more a year in taxes.

No on a Service and Labor Tax. Californians can’t afford it. As Controller, Konstantinos Roditis will fight to make California affordable, not seeking new ways to tax you.

Repeal the Gas Tax Increase – Yes on Prop 6

Sacramento wastes billions of dollars and only use 20% towards road repairs. We pay four times more to fix a road than Texas. We have more than enough money, to fix our roads without a tax increase.

Vote Yes on Prop 6, if not you are saying it’s okay for politicians to waste your money. As Controller, Konstantinos Roditis will expose and stop the corrupt political backroom deals and end the waste, fraud, and abuse.

Defund the High-Speed Rail

The current Controller refuses to audit the so-called High-Speed Rail and turns a blind eye to the corruption because her political contributors and backers are making billions on a train that uses 1970s technology, is not environmentally friendly, and won’t solve our traffic problems.

As your next Controller, Konstantinos Roditis will not only audit the High-Speed Rail but he will defund it on day-one because it violates the funding parameters of Prop 1A, which requires 1/3 of funding come from Private Investors and 1/3 from the Federal Government. No Private or Federal money exist. The only one foolish enough to fund this are Sacramento politicians and bureaucrats.

Environmentally Smart Policies

Don’t waste billions of gallons of water and refuse to capture it and then look to tax us for using more than 55-gallons of water a day. Konstantinos Roditis will focus on solutions, not tax increases.

Principled Leadership

It’s time for a principled and independent-minded Controller that works for you, not the corrupt political machine in Sacramento.

Konstantinos Roditis has not and will not take lobbyist, PAC, union, corporate, or special interest money. This campaign is 100% grassroots funded by hardworking taxpayers like you.

Konstantinos Roditis cannot be bought off. He is a man of principles and integrity. Konstantinos Roditis is the person we need as our next State Controller.

Vote to make California affordable. Vote for solutions, not tax increases. Vote Konstantinos Roditis for Controller.



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