Restore Sanity to California

Sacramento believes we are made out of money. They just don’t care how much they tax us and how much money they recklessly waste. There is no way to fix Sacramento through the State Legislature. Sacramento is irrevocably broken.

It’s time we rise up and destroy the stranglehold that Sacramento has on us. The political machine in Sacramento doesn’t care about you. It’s a cesspool of corruption and backroom deals.

That is why I created Trickle-up-Taxation.

I don’t want Democrats or Republican controlling our lives and our communities from Sacramento. We should be able to shape our communities and address the needs of our communities on our own.

Politicians in Sacramento don’t know what is going on in your county and fewer understand what is going on in your city and community. Even if they did, they must pass legislation that affects the entire state. So even if they establish a policy that is actually good, the bill will be filled with government waste.

It goes like this. You want me to vote for your bill? Great, add this as well because I want this for my political backers. 120 legislators later you have billions of dollars wasted and a bill that doesn’t really solve anything.

We must change the dynamic and form of governance in California. We must have local control so we can use our money in the wisest possible manner.

That is why I am running for State Controller. To finally put an end to the waste and corruption and establish a genuine local representative government that not only aligns with your political beliefs but your communities needs and wants.

It’s about Common Sense Governance!

The government shouldn’t dictate policies that should be determined and governed on the local level. If I don’t live there, I shouldn’t have a say. It’s time we stop trying to force our beliefs and our political agenda down each other’s throat.

We are all Californians, and we all love this state but San Francisco is not Los Angeles, and Los Angeles is not Orange County or San Diego County, and it sure isn’t Modoc County.

The state should create the general blueprint and direction of our state, but we should allow communities to have more money and greater flexibility to meet their needs. Not the needs of the corrupt political machine in Sacramento.

We can restore sanity to California. We just need principled leadership and straightforward common sense solutions.

Konstantinos Roditis is a candidate for California State Controller. You can learn more about his campaign at, and you can follow him on Twitter & Facebook.