California Controller Candidate Konstantinos Roditis Wants to Save Californians Over $100 Billion

Article from Epoch Times:

California is known for its sunshine, nice weather, and high taxes, among many other things.

State controller candidate Konstantinos Roditis wants to save Californians a lot on taxes, by defunding the High Speed Rail system, repealing the gas tax increase, cutting down excessive regulatory expenses, and stopping the service and labor tax that might take place in the near future.

In addition, the ever-increasing Californian house price and rent chases many people away and Roditis wants to change that.

“A new home built costs 40% more because of government regulations. It goes to 45 different regulatory agencies so I want to cut those,” he said during a recent interview in City of Industry, about 30 minutes drive west of Los Angeles.

Roditis’ name will show up on the November ballot next to his opponent Betty Yee, who currently serves as State Controller. Roditis says Yee plans to tax small businesses for their labor and services, including health care and child care providers.

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