Professional Experience:

American Ground Transportation – CEO/Chief Financial Officer

ECO Sciences – Board of Directors

Anaheim Performing Arts Center Foundation, Treasurer – Board of Directors


City of Anaheim – City Commissioner

Sigma Development, LLC – CEO/Managing Member

CR Automotive Group, Inc – CEO/CFO

DDCS, Inc – President/CEO

Residential Finance America – Auditor/Compliance Coordinator

My Story:

I was born in Canada to Greek parents. In 1986, when I was just a young child, my parents moved to California where I was raised. For most of my life, I grew up in various cities throughout Orange County. As a young child we lived in Anaheim, and during my middle school years, we moved to Irvine, CA. I attended and graduated from Woodbridge High School.

After graduating from high school, I decided to forgo college for a few years. During those years I was trained and worked as an automotive technician at SAAB of Santa Ana. I enjoyed my years at SAAB but decided that I wanted to do something else and enrolled at Irvine Valley College. After my two years there I was accepted into John Muir College at the University of California, San Diego.

My passion for politics began when I attended the University of California, San Diego. My major was Animal Physiology and Neuroscience. It was at that time when I became involved with the College Republicans at UCSD and became the Vice Chair Internal and then Vice Chair External. Soon after that, I changed my major to Political Science/International Relations. I also began working at a non-partisan governmental reform think tank, helping find new, innovative ways to create government transparency and fiscal responsibility.

As my involvement with the College Republicans expanded I realized that the College Republicans at UCSD were not functioning according to our club constitution. Some of the club officers didn’t care and wouldn’t budge. Therefore, I resigned in protest. The reason was simple. If we are the future leaders of this country, what makes you think that if we are unfaithful to a club constitution, we would be faithful to the US Constitution?

One who is faithful in a very little is also faithful in much, and one who is dishonest in a very little is also dishonest in much.

Therefore, when your political career is on the line and pressure is building, will you stand for principle or will you capitulate to political pressure and special interest?

You must stand on principles and not be a partisan political hack. You do what is right and try your best. You won’t get everything right every single time. When you are wrong you admit it and try and fix the problem. I don’t like political spin; it’s about doing what is best for the voters not what is best for the politician.

After graduating from UCSD, I eventually moved back to Irvine and began working in the corporate world. I soon realized that I wanted to work for myself and founded multiple companies, first starting with American Ground Transportation in the City of Orange. My company expanded, and I was able to not only buy a home in Anaheim Hills but was also able to buy a large facility to run my business in the City of Orange.

Even with my success, I couldn’t expand my business as I wanted to. This was due to overbearing government regulations and crony protectionism, which protected my politically connected competitors. The politicians who did this were, for the most part, not Democrats but Republicans.

With my experience of untrustworthy Republican politicians, and the failures of the Republican Party, I became so disenfranchised in the Republican Party I  became a Democrat. I thought that I might be able to find a home in the Democratic Party as a fiscally conservative Democrat. I did not.

Therefore, I became a man without a party. I was a declined to state voter and sought to support candidates that believed in local control and believed in representing the people, not special interests. It was through this process that I realized I wasn’t alone in my frustration. Even though I do not like how either of the national parties are running D.C. because I’m a staunch limited government Federalist. I found reasonable, like-minded fiscal conservatives in California that wanted to challenge the status quo. We wanted a Republican Party that focused on local control but not a group of activists that wanted to push their agenda down their opponent’s throat. We want local control plain and simple, not a huge bureaucracy, regardless of the political party running it.

If you are like me and want new leadership in Sacramento, then we cannot sit idly by and expect things to change. I’m not for forcing my ideas down your throat. The Republican way might not be what you want or the Democrat way might not be what you want. A one-size-fits-all solution can’t work for everyone, everywhere. Let’s move towards local control, where your voice can best be heard.

Therefore, doesn’t it make sense to fight for local government control and self-determination for communities instead of overbearing government edicts far removed from our communities?

I will not simply go to Sacramento and go along to get along. My goals are simple. As Controller, I will not only be able to audit any government agency that receives state money but I will be able to examine the books of the State and establish a plan to implement Trickle-up-Taxation. Once our plan has been fully studied and analyzed, I plan on presenting this plan to you on the 2020 election via a ballot initiative.

It will be up to us as voters to determine if we want Trickle-up-Taxation and greater local control and autonomy from Sacramento.

I ask your vote and support to become California’s next State Controller.