Professional Experience:

Yes on Prop 6 Repeal the Gas & Car Tax Increase: Co-Chair

American Ground Transportation – CEO/Chief Financial Officer

ECO Sciences – Board of Directors

Anaheim Performing Arts Center Foundation, Treasurer – Board of Directors

Government Reform Policy Advocate: Contributing author to numerous publications including Tax Notes (Tax Notes is a collection of publications by Tax Analysts)

University of California, San Diego: Political Science/International Relations


City of Anaheim – City Commissioner

Sigma Development, LLC – CEO/Managing Member

CR Automotive Group, Inc – CEO/CFO

DDCS, Inc – President/CEO

Residential Finance America – Auditor/Compliance Coordinator


Having experienced government corruption firsthand as an immigrant businessman has never wavered my love for America and the principles America and California stands for. Having immigrated from Canada to America as a child with my Greek-born parents, we sought a better life and the American Dream.

They instilled a love for this country and what she stands for, even after we had government officials tell my parents to go back to Greece.

We are a People with a government and not a Government with a people. Government is there to serve and protect us not the powerful and special interest groups.

My love for this country and my experience of government corruption has guided me in strongly advocating for government reform and transparency, and thus, I have authored numerous pieces on how to make government work for you and not the corrupt political machine.

I believe we can make government work for us once again and that is why I want to serve as your next State Controller.

I don’t care if it’s a Republican, Democrat, or Bipartisan project. If it doesn’t comply with the law and it’s full of waste, fraud, and abuse, be assured I will protect you and not the special interest groups in Sacramento.

I, Konstantinos Roditis have not and will not take lobbyist, PAC, union, big business, corporate, or special interest money. This campaign is 100% grassroots funded by hardworking taxpayers like you.

It’s time for a principled and independent-minded Controller that works for you, not the corrupt political machine in Sacramento. Unlike the current Controller that refuses to expose waste, fraud, and abuse and audit programs like the High-Speed Rail, Konstantinos Roditis believes in safeguarding you, the taxpayers of California.

Since the Controller is the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of California, doesn’t it make sense to have a Chief Financial Officer and visionary businessman that understands economics, fiscal responsibility, and balancing a budget as your next Controller, instead of a lifelong bureaucrat?

It’s time for a businessman with years of private-sector and governmental experience to expertly manage the Controller’s office to serve you and fight to root out corruption, waste, fraud, and abuse and bring sound fiscal policies that benefit taxpayers, not special interest groups.

I humbly ask for your vote and support to become the next Controller and Chief Financial Officer of the State of California.