Here is a helpful video from the Reason Foundation which still holds true, except the cost is now estimated to cost $98.1 billion not $64 billion.

As your next Controller, Konstantinos Roditis will not only audit the High-Speed Rail but he will defund it on day-one because it violates the voter-approved authorizing agent for the High-Speed Rail which was Prop 1A.

Prop 1A requires private and federal funding. No private money exist, and federal funding has stopped.

The LA Times recently reported, “Of the three funding sources, state money isn’t nearly adequate, federal money is no guarantee and private investment is nonexistent.”

Prop 1A also required that the train would not require ongoing subsidies once built. Recent reports show that at least $100 million a year in subsidies would be necessary (I believe it will be much higher). Again the High-Speed Rail violates Prop 1A.

Prop 1A also required the train to be high-speed. With 1/3 of the track having speed restrictions and large sections of the track downgraded from up to 220 mph to up to 110 mph, the not so High-Speed Rail is in violation of what voters approved.

We shouldn’t be funding this $100 billion disaster, and Konstantinos Roditis will protect you the taxpayer by stopping payment on the High-Speed Rail on day one because it is unlawful to continue to fund this project since it does not comply with Prop 1A.

It is the duty of the Controller to stop unlawful payments. It’s time we get Konstantinos Roditis as our next Controller and finally get a Controller that will be looking out for you and not special interest groups.

We should not be funding the most expensive and slowest high-speed train in history. This shouldn’t be a partisan issue. We made a promise to taxpayers to be good stewards of their trust and money. Let’s restore that trust and do the right thing, and let’s put an end to waste.

We either get the High-Speed Rail back on track or move on. I prefer we focus on next-generation transportation solutions that are being fully funded by private investors; projects like HyperLoop or SkyTran.

I believe we can provide safe and affordable transportation solutions that work and save us billions. We need new leadership with new solutions to change the discussion in Sacramento and finally solve our traffic congestion problems.

Konstantinos Roditis for Controller is the independent-minded leadership we need in Sacramento. Vote Konstantinos Roditis to be California’s next Controller.