I Support Konstantinos Roditis for California State Controller


Please note: Konstantinos Roditis has not and will not take lobbyist, PAC, union, big business, corporate, or special interest money. This campaign is 100% grassroots funded by hardworking taxpayers like you.


There are two ways to donate.  You can go online now and donate via credit card today: Donate Here Now


Or you can either print this Contribution Form and fill it out and mail your check to:


Roditis for Controller
751 S Weir Canyon Rd, Ste 157-160
Anaheim, CA 92808



Confirm Your Eligibility:

  • I am a citizen or permanent resident in the United States
  • The funds I am contributing are my own personal/business funds and not those or another person/business
  • I am not a foreign national who lacks permanent resident status in the United States
  • I affirm that I am making this contribution via my personal/corporate check or credit/debit card for which I have a legal obligation to pay, and not through a personal or business entity check/card of another person.
  • I am at least 18 years old.


Disclaimer – Please Read:

Contributions are not tax deductible as a charitable contribution for income tax purposes. Lobbyist registered to lobby the agency of the officeholder may not contribute. The CA Political Reform Act places limits on contributions to candidates for state office. An individual, PAC, association, committee, partnership, or corporation may contribute a maximum of $7,300 per election to Konstantinos Roditis for Controller 2018. A small contributor committee may contribute a maximum of $14,600 to the committee per election. Paid for by Konstantinos Roditis for Controller 2018 FPPC ID# 1400327. 751 S Weir Canyon Rd, Ste. 157-160, Anaheim, CA 92808