Stop Service Tax Betty Yee’s $120 Billion a year tax hike


You heard that right. Incumbent Controller, Service Tax Betty Yee wants to raise Californian’s taxes by $120 billion a year. In her Comprehensive Tax Reform in California: A Contextual Framework report states if we, “were to impose the full sales tax rate and allow local governments to piggyback on state administration, the average sales tax rate on services would be about 8.42 percent of receipts and generate more than $120 billion annually.”

This would mean hundreds but most likely thousands of dollars in extra taxes you would pay every single year.  Here are some of the services a Service Tax would Tax you for:

Healthcare & Childcare:

Healthcare, including physicians, dentists, audiologists, physical therapists, nurses, and
professionals in family planning, outpatient health, mental health, substance abuse treatment,
emergency care, rehabilitation, and child care.

Professional, Scientific, and Technical:

Professional, scientific, and technical, including lawyers, architects, accountants, engineers,
graphic artists, computer designers, management consultants, researchers, advertising agents,
translators, and veterinarians.

Finance and Insurance:

Finance and insurance, including services provided by banks, credit unions, and brokerage

Information Services:

Information services, including employees of book publishers, newspapers, other periodicals,
music producers, software companies, telecommunications, data processors, libraries, archives,
and broadcasters.

Rental and Leasing Firms:

Rental and leasing firms (not including real estate), including warehousing, transportation (such
as buses, limousines, and taxis [Uber/Lyft]), and cargo handling.

We can’t afford four more years of Betty Yee and her desire to implement a Service Tax on hardworking Californians. It’s time we send a message to Spend and Tax Politicians in Sacramento and tell them we are tired of the highest taxes in the nation, the highest cost of living, and the highest poverty in America. It’s time we send new leadership to Sacramento. It’s time we send a Businessman/CEO and Chief Financial Officer to Sacramento.

Since the Controller is the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of California, doesn’t it makes sense to have a CFO and visionary businessman that understands economics, fiscal responsibility, and balancing a budget as your next Controller, instead of a lifelong bureaucrat?

Vote to make California affordable. Vote for solutions, not tax increases. Vote Konstantinos Roditis for Controller.