Vote Yes on Prop 6: Repeal the Gas & Car Tax Increase


Sacramento wastes billions of dollars and only uses 20% of our gas tax towards road repairs. According to the Reason Foundation, we pay up to 470% more to maintain one mile of highway compared to other states. We have more than enough money, to fix our roads without a tax increase.

Los Angeles Daily News and Southern California News Group agrees, “We understand why voters are angry. SB1 was not necessary to fix the roads. The state’s budget has increased from $86 billion in 2011-12 to nearly $139 billion in the current fiscal year, but money was not allocated to this vital public safety need.

Politicians are not interested in fixing or expanding our roads – and the gas tax increase contains zero accountability on where the funds will be spent. In fact, the gas tax increase bill SB1 was explicitly written to allow politicians to continue to divert all the funds away from road projects.

That is why the No on 6 campaign is funded by big business, union, and special interest groups. Donations averaging $286,000 and some donated $1 million. Yes on 6 is a taxpayer, grassroots-funded campaign with an average donation of $37.

We must fix our roads, and we can do it without a tax increase. We need accountability and not raising taxes on the poor and working families that are barely getting by.

Vote Yes on Prop 6, if not you are saying it’s okay for politicians to waste and steal your money. As Controller, Konstantinos Roditis will expose and stop the corrupt political backroom deals and end the waste, fraud, and abuse. Konstantinos Roditis will make sure your tax dollars are going towards fixing our roads